January 2023
Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Torc Robotics
Montreal, Canada
November 2019
Engineering Manager & Robotics Team Lead at Algolux
Montreal, Canada
September 2018
Computer Vision Researcher at Algolux
Munich, Germany / Montreal, Canada
April 2017
Senior Software Engineer at TomTom
Amsterdam / Eindhoven, The Netherlands
September 2016
System Software Engineer at Nikon Metrology
Leuven, Belgium
January 2016
Graduate Student Researcher at DFKI
Bremen, Germany
Fall 2015
Nanyang, Singapore
April 2015
Student Software Engineer at Rovsing
Copenhagen, Denmark
Fall 2014
Lyngby, Denmark
Fall 2010
Surathkal, India
I work at the intersection of mobile robotics and machine learning, and specialize in applications within autonomous driving. I'm currently a Staff Machine Learning Engineer and serve as a lead architect for all ML-based prediction & planning software at Torc Robotics, which makes self-driving trucks and is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks, the world's larget truck manufacturer.

I've published two papers within autonomous driving at top AI conferences: one at CVPR 2023 on multimodal automotive scene understanding using sound to augment vision and another at ICLR 2022 (spotlight paper; 176 selected of 3391) on interaction-aware motion prediction of traffic.

I have a master's in electrical engineering, robotics, and machine learning from Technical University of Denmark, Nanyang Technological University, and the German Research Center for Artificial Inteligence. My master's thesis focuses on autonomous navigation of a rover in featureless extraterrestrial environments like that on Mars using just a Lidar sensor. It was concluded in August 2016 at DFKI in Bremen, Germany.